Responsibility to Employees

Just as customers are invited to personalize our fine furniture, our employees are encouraged to customize processes to ensure maximum value, efficiency and quality. The model and culture, which is rooted in the collaborative spirit of a classic furniture workroom, was formalized in 1996 as a ground-breaking program called EDGE (Employees Dedicated to Growth and Excellence).

In the last ten years alone, hundreds of EDGE teams have suggested and implemented thousands of improvements. The result is a best-in-class capacity for quick response to everything from customer requests to manufacturing challenges. A few of the many success stories of the employee empowerment efforts include:

·    Cross-functional teams reducing lead times to a few weeks instead of months — the fastest in the category.

·    Resourceful, responsive artisans developing a scalable strategy for adding on-demand customization options.

·    Company-wide commitment to safety, quality and profitability, with results that set pace for the industry.