Made For You - For Those Who Take Furniture Personally - Issue One
Wed Jan 20 2021

Within the city limits of Hickory, North Carolina, there have been dozens of furniture companies with Hickory in their name.  Over the years designers across the industry have referred to Hickory Chair as ‘Hickory’.  They also refer to our facility as a ‘workroom’ instead of a factory due to our ability to make personalized furniture to order. We are honored to be the one that earned this nickname and reputation by the trade. 

Locally, Hickory Chair has had a different, more personal, mantra.  With Hickory titled businesses from hotels to hosiery to furniture, we became known as "The Chair".  As we look to 2021 and 110 years of making furniture here in our Hickory facility, we are proud to be known as ‘The Chair’.  It is where generations of artisans and craftsmen have proudly chosen to practice their vocation.  

There is something humble about this nickname - and working for ‘The Chair’.  It is a term of affection that mirrors the culture within the walls of the company.  It suggests something is different. There is a spirit within the company that guides and feeds its employees.  It is determination and simply, never settling for standard.  It is a drive for perfection to make furniture so exacting that it arrives ready for installation.  It is a drive to make approximately 90% of the product within the walls of our facility, in collaboration with wonderful American suppliers using fine materials from all over the world.  A determination to not ‘give away our work’ that motivates our employees to find ways to efficiently make each piece as it moves through each department.  It is a focus on safety and environmental stewardship.  As a result, our employees know that they make furniture for people and not for a box.  Perhaps this is just another reason why they are so eager to make one-of-a-kind pieces to order.  

We are ready to go forth from the pandemic a focused group of people ready to make special pieces for you and your home.  We will get through this together and will be ready for the next challenge.  In the meantime, we thank you for listening and hope this new magazine, MADE FOR YOU™, is thought provoking and brings you joy.

All our best.


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