Made For You - For Those Who Take Furniture Personally - Issue Two
Mon Feb 15 2021
We appreciate the feedback that was shared from our inaugural issue of Made For You™ and have implemented wishes from our readers. We were delighted to receive beautiful submissions from talented designers for consideration. It is our honor to announce that Don Easterling and Nina Nash Long, a talented design team from Atlanta, were selected to feature this month. They are true Hickory Chair loyalists and we trust that you will be inspired by their story and the beauty of the home they have shared with us. We invite you to submit your project for a future issue.

2021 marks our 110th anniversary. All of us at "The Chair" would like to say thank you for entrusting our craftsmen to make special pieces for you. We appreciate your endorsement to your clients, friends and neighbors. Because of the support from people like you, our factory is running full schedules and we are continuing to hire as we adjust to rising demand. 

One of our core values is safety. While we hold the record for the safest workplace of any manufacturing facility in the state of North Carolina, what is most important to us is that we have an environment that is not only physically safe but also is respectful, encouraging and inspiring. We believe that this culture breeds quality, longevity and creativity. The new threat of COVID-19 has required us to look at workplace safety differently than we did before, but with the same commitment to ensuring that our associates are protected as best as possible when they are here on our campus. 

Throughout our 11 decades, the leadership team at our company has had a consistent mission. Each team knew that we must evolve to remain relevant in a world and in an industry that is continuously changing. Our Hickory Chair family is made up of talented artisans, craftsmen, designers, and administrators from many parts of the world that have come to our area to practice their vocation. We are an equal opportunity employer, maintain a discrimination-free workplace, and embrace and develop talent. Our company practices innovative Lean thinking both in our office and factory. Which, simply stated, is the focus on eliminating wasteful uses of time, materials, and processes. This concept is engrained in each member of our team, and it must be, so that we can continue to deliver our customers with the best value possible.  

We hope you enjoy our second issue. It is written with love and appreciation of our artisans and craftsmen and for you. It is  our honor to make a one-of-a-kind home furnishings for you.