Made For You - For Those Who Take Furniture Personally - Issue Three
Sun Sep 26 2021
2021 marks Hickory Chair’s 110th anniversary.  We are also celebrating the 80th anniversary of both our James River and Pearson collections.  The first 110 years has certainly been an incredible journey.  Looking back at each of these 11 decades, each has brought times of flourish and growth as well as times of strife.  Each management team over the years has faced unique challenges and with great determination has led the company forward.  We are blessed at The Chair to have a resilient family of talented artisans, craftsmen, designers and staff that have chosen to practice their vocation with us.  
It is fair to say that the past year and a half have challenged all of us.  We have learned to work, to think and to live differently.  While millions of people around the world were able to work from home, our hands-on industry was essential to the recovery of our country’s economy.  We brought our employees back into our workroom and office with new safety protocols in place after a short break.  With an unparalleled shift from spending on travel and entertainment to the home, our industry and Hickory Chair has been overwhelmed and overjoyed with new orders.  Our employees have worked countless overtime hours while we work diligently to recruit more talent to join our company.  We are not only actively hiring new artisans and craftsmen to join our family, but are proudly reaching out to local high schools and trade schools to provide a place for young men and women to learn a vocation to become master craftsmen of the future.  We believe in our culture that embraces and develops talent and strives for continuous improvement as an equal opportunity employer. We are confident this culture will allow us to continue the ability to celebrate many milestones in the future.  
We appreciate the feedback that was shared from our first two issues of Made For You™ and have implemented wishes from our readers.  Each issue is created with you in mind.  We received submissions from designers across the country and are pleased to share the talents of Cheryl Nestro, Jaimee Rose, Bethany O’Neil and Suzanne Kasler in this third issue.  We invite you to submit your projects for consideration for a future issue.  
We hope that you enjoy this new issue of Made For You™.  It is written with love and appreciation of our artisans and craftsmen and for you. It is our honor to make a one-of-a-kind home furnishings for you.