Franklin Tric Trac Table



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I am obsessed with Tric Trac tables. I have always wanted one, so I decided to make one so I can buy it! Like most pieces that enter into my collection for Hickory Chair, I want it to have versatility because I will use it in my own interior design practice. Tric Tracs have the function of a tiny writing table when covered, but when opened, are the perfect game table. Also, game tables are the perfect form to break up seating groups. This form particularly makes me dream of a Paris interior, like Coco Chanel's at the Ritz in the Place Vendôme.

This piece is only available as shown
Backgammon/Checker pieces included, chess pieces not included



  • 29"h x 44"w x 23"d
  • 74cm h x 112cm w x 58cm d

Standard Features

  • Franklin