La Paz Wood Drawer Front Side Table

Traditions Made Modern®


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The inspiration for the La Paz table comes from a woven leather “Petaca” from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Petacas were used throughout tropical Bolivia for transporting goods. Petacas are constructed by wrapping a large wooden box with an untanned cowhide. The original Petaca is housed at the Museum of International Folk Art.

Just as today’s travelers put ribbons on their suitcase to differentiate it from others, Bolivian traders developed methods for distinguishing one Petaca from another. One such method entailed scoring the cow hide and weaving thinner strips of hair-on-hide leather in and out of the hide. The result was a beautiful leather case with a hair-on-hide herringbone pattern. It is this pattern that inspired the “X” metal detail adorning the two sides.

La Paz is further accented with a Modern Gunmetal Finish (MGM) finished knob and “X” motif sides. It is offered with a cathedral ash or upholstered drawer front.



  • 28"h x 30"w x 20"d
  • 71cm h x 76cm w x 51cm d