EVERETT™ by Skip Rumley

Skip Rumley joined Hickory Chair as it began its second century in 2012. In the years since he has led the fashion and design aesthetic for the company bringing such talents as Ray Booth, David Phoenix and Susan Hable to create collections for the now 109-year-old company. In this role, Skip has been responsible for leading product innovation, merchandising the product assortment and creating collaborative collections with each of our design partners.

The Everett Collection is rooted in Skip’s twenty-year journey through the world of design. He has learned to ‘speak a lot of languages’ as style, fashion and form have evolved. He lived in a modern glass house and recently moved into a 1940’s Cape Cod home. He loves the tension that occurs when combining traditional and modern forms. I love references to classic design and the excitement that is created when they are mixed with both soft organic silhouettes and architectural forms. He believes that interiors should be both masculine and feminine - when married together it creates a lovely dynamic.

With inspiration from fashion, jewelry and fine art, Skip has created this collection of bedroom, dining room and living room furniture with a deep understanding of the desires of the Hickory Chair customer. “It is important to me that each piece has beautiful proportion and scale, a dynamic shape and be made from an interesting array of materials,” states Rumley, “It is essential that our design clientele be able to personalize each piece for their projects. Therefore, designing the collection to be made domestically was of utmost importance. We want our pieces to be a canvas that truly become functional art once our craftsmen build it with the specifications from the designer.”

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