Midtown Upholstery Collection
W 84in D 34.5in H 33.75in
We adore sofas. Lounging and lying on them is a favorite pastime. That is not to say they don't have drawbacks. Sofas are big and bulky and unless they are located flat against a wall, they can resemble a barricade in the middle of room. Zachary's strength is that he has a kind of curb appeal, if one can say that of a piece of furniture. His articulated wood back is sculptural and complex. He has some mid-century modern in his DNA, but is still a solidly successful piece of upholstery. He beautifully adds dimension and craftsmanship to basic seating. <br/><br/> Dark Walnut is the standard finish. Available in stain and Weathered paint finishes only. Metal Leaf, solid and Rustic paint finishes not available.