NOTE: Recommended for Cherry frames.
Artisan Birch on Cherry
Executed with a technique to make them look older, more irregular and worn.
An emulsion coat is applied under the paint, which gives these finishes a somewhat textured, irregular surface.
Gold paint is hand applied in an item specific pattern that gives the appearance of gold trim that has been worn off. It has a much more worn, intermittent pattern than our Antique Rub striping.
Surfaces with carvings, moldings or raised areas lend themselves naturally to the gold highlights.
Unless specific written instructions and a sketch accompany your order, we will apply the gold highlighting at our discretion.
Finish Characteristics
Sheen Level - refers to the degree of 'shine' that appears on a piece of furniture. Each finish has a pre-determine standard sheen level. The varying degrees of sheen are Low (5,10), Medium (20,30), and High (50,70). For some finishes the top of an item is rubbed by hand or machine to reach an even higher degree of shine.