NOTE: Only available on Ash and Oak
Group A Alternative Stain
Ebony as shown on Oak and Ash Only
Ebony is a dark charcoal/brown finish that is wire-brushed to open up the grain structure in order to allow a white pumice over-rub to hang up in the open grain. Ebony finish is not distressed. It is lightly wire brushed.
For heavier pumice hang-up, you may specify Ebony with Heavy Wire Brush technique for a 5% up-charge.
The degree of hang-up will vary by species; between solids versus veneers and within each individual piece.
Wide latitude is to be expected on Ebony and will not be considered a reason for return.
Recommended for use on wood species such as Ash and Oak ONLY that provide a suitable open grain structure for the pumice over-rub to hang up in.
Results on mahogany, primavera, walnut and other species will vary. Not available on beech, cherry or maple.
Not available on items crafted in beech, cherry or maple as their grain structure is too dense for the pumice over-rub to hang up in. No match panel strike offs for other species will be honored.
Finish Characteristics
Hand Waxing
Hand Waxing - brings out the luster in fine wood finishes. A skilled artisan applies a special formulation of wax and rubs it to a high sheen. The formula, which contains beeswax and carnauba, produces a long-lasting shine which brings out the depth of complex multi-step finishes.
Sheen Level - refers to the degree of 'shine' that appears on a piece of furniture. Each finish has a pre-determine standard sheen level. The varying degrees of sheen are Low (5,10), Medium (20,30), and High (50,70). For some finishes the top of an item is rubbed by hand or machine to reach an even higher degree of shine.
Items Finished In Ebony as shown on Oak and Ash Only